Blues fest in the Q-C

Musician Zach Harris plays and sings an Albert King song on Friday during the 32nd annual Mississippi Valley Blues Fest in LeClaire Park. The two-day music festival continues at noon today.


The Mississippi Valley Blues Society board has canceled its annual blues festival.

After selecting a new date for the 35th Mississippi Valley Blues Festival earlier this year, and initiating organization and planning, the Board of Directors has decided it is in the best interest of fans, artists and vendors to cancel a live Blues Fest until the ongoing pandemic is far behind us, according to a news release from the Society's board of directors.

The news release went on to say that the potential for a second wave or peak later this year is very real, and would render the 35th Fest a non-event if large group gatherings remain discouraged through late summer and fall.

The Mississippi Valley Blues Society (MVBS) planners considered options for live delivery including a single day event, but the logistics and costs (outside of performer fees) are the same as a two-day event.

In addition, their long distance-traveling fans are less likely to invest the travel dollars for a single day event, and convincing vendors to set up for a single day would be a challenge.

 "The MVBS sets the safety and well-being of our members, and that of our artists ahead of tradition, and we would prefer to see all our fans and supporters next year, healthy and happy at the end of this long coronavirus tunnel," said Bob Clevenstine, MVBS president.

Formed in 1985, The Mississippi Valley Blues Society's mission is to educate, celebrate and preserve the Blues, a unique American music art form. The MVBS is an all-volunteer organization, and one of the oldest community-based non-profit organizations of its kind. The Society is based in Davenport.

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